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 Vehicle Safety

There is no doubt that use of vehicles can cost organisations dearly both in terms of financial penalty and human injury or fatality.

Financial cost implications of accidents resulting from vehicle down-time, repair and replacement as well as potential fines and legal costs can be considerable.

The cost to public relations may also be substantial and ultimately senior personnel may face criminal proceedings for negligence.

The cost of taking adequate precautions to prevent accidents however is small compared with other operating costs, even for large national fleets.

Vehicle movement is such a major part of everyday life that people are often oblivious to them, and their inherent dangers. Tallking Sounders may be used to provide warning messages to draw people’s attention to those dangers and advise or instruct on an appropriate course of action.

The system is equally effective in communicating with drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

As each message may be defined by the client, every vehicle situation can easily be covered no matter how specialised the vehicle. In this way there can be no confusion over the nature of the problem identified, and no excuse for ignoring the message.

Vehicle Safety - Talking Sounders save lives

For more detailed information on vehicle safety applications visit our vehicle applications web site.

No matter whether you operate a commercial vehicle fleet, passenger transport or plant and equipment, vehicle movements have a potentially hazardous impact on your business.

Simple precautions can minimise the dangers saving lives and cost .

Vehicles and your organisation

Some typical messages

“Attention…this vehicle is reversing”

“Driver…apply the handbrake”

“Do not drive…jacks lowered”

“Warning…this vehicle is turning left”

“Caution…sweeper approaching”

“Stand clear of moving deck”

“Danger…tipper body raised”

“Warning…coupler disconnecting”

“Keep clear of vehicle loading bay”

“There are vehicles operating in this area”

“Engine about to start”

“You are required to wear a seat belt at all times in this vehicle”

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Vehicle Safety