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 Vehicle, Driver and Passenger Security

Talking Sounders are invaluable as a deterrent to theft of or from vehicles as well as to potential attacks on their occupants.

Organisations invest heavily in their plant and vehicle fleets.

Recruitment, training and retention of good quality personnel is an essential ongoing overhead.

Customer acquisition and retention is an integral and costly requirement for any business.

Theft of vehicle or payload has adverse effects on insurance.

Without protection the cost of losses from any of these can be enormous.

On passenger transport vehicles, attacks on drivers and other passengers are increasing, often with fatal results.

Parked vehicles are particularly prone to theft and loss of payload.

Vehicles and drivers of high-value goods or cash-in-transport are simultaneously subjected to attack.

Fleet Managers have a busy life simply running the fleet without the above problems.

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Your Vehicles, Drivers & Passengers are valuable and deserve protection

For more detailed information on vehicle security visit our vehicle applications web site.

Your vehicles and drivers, together with the passengers or goods onboard are essential to your business. But they are often at risk due to the action of third parties. Failure to look after them may cost you your reputation and your customers, not to mention the cost of replacement.

Vehicles and security

Some typical messages

“Passengers please note that for safety and security purposes, video recording is in operation in this vehicle”.

“XYZ security vehicle under attack please call the police”

“ABC bus driver requires assistance call the police”.

“Driver… remain in the cab with the doors locked and telephone 999 for police assistance”.

“This vehicle is protected by a security system”

“This  vehicle is equipped with a security video recording system”.

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