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Telephone On-Hold promotions

You might think everyone answers their phone promptly - think again.

The person being called may be away from their desk or on another call. Whatever the reason many of your callers will be on hold. Maybe for just a few seconds, perhaps for several minutes.

Chances are that if you play them "Greensleeves" or "The Entertainer", or simply leave customers in silence they will ring off never to call again.

But don’t be tempted to play a standard music CD or even play the radio through the telephone system - to stay legal you need to pay annual license fees for both of these and this can prove expensive.

So why waste your captive audience? Now there's an opportunity to promote your business to everyone who telephones your company.

A professional production will tell your callers more about your organisation and its products or services than you could during a normal conversation.

And a selection of “comfort messages” mixed in will reassure them that they have not been forgotton.

Since the promotion runs continuously with no beginning and no end, even regular callers are sure to hear something new each time they call.

Take a look at and see how we can provide you with a cost-effective solution, it will cost much less than you think!

Telephone On-Hold Promotions keep your callers happy

For more detailed information about on-hold promotions and equipment visit our sister web site.

Do they feel important when they telephone your organisation?

Check it out yourself by calling and ask to be put on hold. Listen for 30 seconds and ask yourself is this what you really want your callers to hear?


If you’re not happy we have a solution.

Your callers are important

Our Solutions

We are delighted to provide you with as much or as little as you need for your perfect solution.

We can supply license-paid background music that avoids the need for you to pay annual PRS license fees.

We can write your script, record a professional voiceover and mix in appropriate “comfort” messages to give you a complete promotion.

If you already have on-hold equipment we can deliver your promotion on a cd or as a digital file as required.

If you need equipment we can provide that as well. You can even have several different promotions ready loaded onto the player and select any one at the press of a button.

Click here to tell us your application and we’ll suggest a solution

Click below for a 2 minute audio presentation about on-hold promotions