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We all want to feel safe and sound in our own home. And we would also like to think that our possessions are secure whilst we are not at home. Unfortunately there are many in our society who want to take everything that is precious to us.

Those who are fortunate in having prestigious homes and very-high-value possessions will usually take precautions that are costly beyond the reach of most of us.

But we have some effective and affordable solutions that everyone can benefit from. Firstly to deter potential intruders, secondly to give them the fright of their life when they are detected in action, and then if necessary to call for help. Our systems are easy to install diy or by an alarm installer or electrician. They are reliable in use, weatherproof and can have personalised messages.

Some burglars may be casual passers-by. Others may check out your property and come back later when they believe they will not be disturbed. Advice is readily available from local police crime prevention officers on simple precautions but we can easily take things a little further.

You may have a “welcome” light outside your house which activates when someone approaches. Now you can add a simple message which politely informs “All visitors are recorded on cctv”. You may not have a cctv system but your caller will not know that. And if you do have a system, it’s all the more effective when the message automatically makes the caller look up to try and see the cameras! If you don’t want a welcome light the message can be triggered by a sensor instead.

If you have a shed or outbuilding at the end of a long garden, or which is not visible from the house you may have no idea if someone is about to break in or cause damage. It may be children messing around or someone with a more devious agenda. Whatever the case, a warning sounder with a message such as “You are not authorised to be here… leave immediately” will serve to let them know that their presence has been detected and may be enough to drive them away before any damage is done.

The message can be as calm or aggressive as you wish, according to your requirements. A similar sounder may be added inside your home if you have a burglar alarm, and will definitely give any intruder a shock upon breaking in.

Even with a conventional alarm installed, standard sounders do not indicate the property where the alarm is sounding. A talking alarm can have a message specific to your house and identify it immediately e.g. “There is an intruder at 123 ABC Street… please call the police”

Then if you are at home and feel under threat from anyone a message triggered by a panic button such as “Help… urgent assistance needed at 123 ABC Street… please call the police” may deter the aggressor and also summon help.



Safe and Sound in your own home - Talking Sounders provide reassurance

There’s nowhere you want to feel more safe and secure than in your own home. Whether it’s protecting your property and possessions whilst you’re away, or keeping you and your family safe when you are there. Here is some sound advice on ways to improve any security system.

Security in your home

Some typical messages

“These premises are protected by a security system”

“Video monitoring is active on these premises”

“This is private property… unless you are authorised to be here leave immediately”

“Movement has been detected at the side of the house”

“There is a visitor at the front door”

“Sorry we are not able to come to the door at present, but all visitors are recorded on cctv”

“There is an intruder at 123 ABC Street… please call the police”

“Help… urgent assistance needed at 123 ABC Street… please call the police”

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