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 Facilities Management

Facilities Management usually operates invisiibly behind the scenes. But it is essential in the smooth running of any organisation, especially with regard to safety, security and communication.

Whether your premises accommodate employees only, receive business visitors or welcome members of the public you will have many applications that are perfect for Talking Sounders.

Appropriate messages can be triggered automatically for example by a door opening, a person or vehicle approaching, movement detected by a camera or sensor or manually by a push button.

The message may be heard only by the person causing the trigger to operate, by someone else in a different location such as reception or a security lodge, or broadcast in specific areas or throughout the premises.

Different messages may sound in different locations as a result of a single trigger and follow-up messages may be programmed to operate automatically if someone does not respond to initial warnings or instructions.

Talking Sounders may be used to provide information or instructions, summon help in cases of distress, or reassure people in event of emergency.

All premises have both common and individual requirements according to their purpose. You can be sure that Talking Sounders will provide effective solutions to many communication requirements in your organisation.

Take a look at some typical messages opposite and click through to some specific applications in more detail.

You will without doubt identify many opportunities to improve communications in your premises.

Facilities Management is something to shout about

Every premises is unique and we offer solutions tailored to your precise operating requirements.

Talking Sounders use real human voices with messages that say exactly what you want to communicate in every situation.

Health and safety legislation places a duty of care on everyone in the workplace to ensure adequate precautions are taken to prevent accidents.

Appropriate use of talking sounders can be used to demonstrate that adequacy.

Bespoke Facilities Management

Some typical messages

“Welcome to O.W.L. Please pick up the telephone to contact reception”

“There is a visitor in reception”

“A customer is waiting at the trade counter”

“Urgent assistance is required in Accident and Emergency”

“Please return to your vehicle immediately and remove it from this restricted area”

“For your safety and security all visitors are monitored by cctv”

“This is a secure area…to gain admission please report to the security lodge”

“There is an emergency…leave now by the car park exit only”

“Please note that these premises will close in five minutes”

“You are entering an area where hard hats and eye protection must be worn”

“Stand clear…conveyor belt about to start”

“Fork lift trucks operate in this area”

“This machine will not operate without a safety guard”

“Danger…  return behind the safety barrier”

“Automatic doors closing”

“Process failure… press the red button”

“Equipment overheating… stop immediately”

“Close this fire safety door after entering”


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Facilities Management