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Commercial and Retail Security

Talking Sounders provide many opportunities to mitigate losses due to theft by employees, visitors and shoppers. They are also able to prevent damage to property by deterring potential intruders before they attempt to break in.

Apart from apprehending some of the villains, there may be no point in having cameras, alarm systems or security staff unless the potential thief is aware of their existence.

Talking Sounders can provide subtle ways of informing people of security measures or more direct warnings that their activity has been detected and recorded.

Even standard messages broadcast at the push of a button when suspicious-looking individuals appear in the premises can have a major deterrent value by warning potential thieves of the presence of security staff.

Goods on display and in stockrooms may similarly be protected by appropriate warning messages triggered by a variety of methods.

In the unfortunate event of an attempted robbery or personal attack, a Talking Sounder can be employed to dissuade and disorientate the attacker on the spot and also call-for-help with a message in another part of or outside the building.

Regardless of the type or size of your premises, Talking Sounders may be used as stand-alone systems or incorporated into other security systems to enhance the overall effect.

Total flexibility of method of triggering, frequency and duration of message together with messages personalised to individual locations and situations provide a cost-effective improvement to any loss prevention measures.

Take a look opposite at typical messages and click through to see some applications in more detail.

Commercial and Retail Security - Loss prevention sounds a good idea

By communicating with visitors, employees or security personnel it is possible to avoid losses due to theft or damage by deterring would-be thieves. Losses will fall once the message gets through.

The cost of effective prevention is far less than the cost of loss.


Simple low cost loss prevention

Some typical messages

“The warehouse rear door has been opened monitor on camera number five”

“The emergency exit door is open”

“A member of security is required in the electronics department”

“For your safety and security live video monitoring and recording is used in these premises.”

“Please press the button to call a member of staff.”

“The appliances on display are alarmed… please ask a member of staff to demonstrate them”

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